Sr. Program Director - Group Leader

Meet Ms. Gayla...

Ms. Gayla works hard to make Cool Care Club a fun and exciting place.  You never know what headband or outfit she'll show up wearing.  :)  She has worked with Chris since he started expanding the program in 2003.  In addition to her Cool Care Club responsibilities, Gayla worked as a special education, para-educator for twenty+ years in USD 383

When asked about Gayla, Chris says, "Gayla is one of the most special people that I know.  I value her dependability, loyalty, and friendship."  He hopes, with a grin, that after her second knee replacement a few years ago, she'll be good-to-go for at least another ten years.

Gayla has lived in Manhattan all of her life.  She grew up on Leavenworth Street and went to Eugene Field Elementary School.  When she was in 6th grade, she and her dad mail-ordered a spider monkey from the back of Grit Magazine.  It was a real surprise to her mother!  She was expecting a boy monkey...but it turned out to be a girl.  She named it Cindy and because Gayla was an only child, they became great friends. Later, her parents built the house, next to the church, and they moved up on Bluehills Rd - right next to what would eventually become her home away from home - Cool Care Club! 


She and her husband, Jerry, have been married over 50 years and have five grown children. They also have eight grandchildren.

Gayla enjoys knitting, crafting, trying on swimsuits, and spending time with her dog, Charlie.

Gayla encourages Lindsay with her knitting.
Gayla leads the group in a hula dance for our friends at Meadowlark Retirement Community.
Gayla helps paint fingernails during "Fashion Nails by Gayla" time.
Gayla, also known as "The Float Queen", struggles to stay beneath the surface of the pool in Abliene while Chris poses for a funny picture.