CCC Loves Literacy!

Cool Care Club loves literacy and supports it both at CCC and in our community in several different ways.

At the club, a small library is available with a wide selection of books appropriate for all levels of readers.  Kids are welcomed and encouraged to bring a book with them and read whenever the mood strikes.  :)  

CCC also has a Book Exchange Box where children can bring in a book they own and exchange it for a different one.  This popular feature is a great way to help keep at-home libraries fresh and interesting. In the summer, the group is signed up for the summer reading programs at Manhattan Public Library. 

Cool Care Club believes in supporting literacy in the wider community as well. CCC has helped sponsor the Manhattan Public Library's summer reading program, by providing over 3500 new books for give-away incentives.  Mr. Chris is always looking for opportunities to give away books.  Some of those ways are discussed in more detail at the following links:

Lastly, Mr. Chris gave his wife a "Little Library" for Christmas in 2020.  She enjoys keeping it stocked for neighbors, CCC parents, and others.